I received my PhD degree at Computer Vision Group, Informatics Institute, UvA. My PhD research is funded by COMMIT project. After my PhD, I have Co-founded 3DUniversum, spin-off of University of Amsterdam. Currently I am acting as the CTO of 3DUniversum. I am also part-time postdoctoral researcher at Computer Vision Group, UvA. I love solving industry problems with research. I have also co-founded two other startups Scanm and 3DHealthScan.

Early Education and Activities

I graduated from AKBAL high school first in ranking with honors. I completed a very comprehensive undergraduate program with honors at Istanbul Technical University (ITU), Telecommunication Engineering by June 2009. I was selected as tuition fee scholar (worth twenty thousand euro) for a European Master degree from Color in Informatics and Media Technology (CIMET) program. I have double master degree. I graduated from optics, image and vision master degree at University Jean Monnet in France and media technology master degree at Gjovik University College in Norway.

During my studies I have worked in several educational research labs (ITU/Multimedia Signal Processing and Pattern Recognition, Jean Monnet/Laboratoire Hubert Curien, Gjovik /Media Lab.). I get best project award at the project competition (Nokia and CIMET cooperation) with my collaborative work "Color Correction: A Novel Weighted Von Kries Model based on Memory Colors". The project, "Handwritten Document Image Binarization", was chosen in top 10 projects at international H-DIBCO 2010 competition. The project, "Head Pose Estimation by Kinect" was chosen as best project among thousands of project by Kinect Community.

Beside my academic work through university labs, I have been working as research engineer and academic supervisor at applied research and technologies department of TURKCELL A.S. and TURKCELL TECHNOLOGY. I worked as intern at a global company Alcatel-Lucent at information system department and INDAS engineering at R&D department.

I have taken important responsibilities at different formations. I have been taken the former and the chairperson positions of ITU IEEE Communications Society and Electrical Engineering Students' European Association (EESTEC). I was also vice-chairperson of ITU Volleyball Club and Representative Student for ITU Telecommunication Engineering 2009 Graduates.