I am Co-Founder and CTO of 3DUniversum, technology spin-off of UvA providing state-of-the art 2D\3D computer vision solutions. I received my Ph.D. degree at Computer Vision Group, Informatics Institute, UvA. During my Ph.D. I have numerous publications in top-tier Computer Vision Journals and Conferences. I am also founder of two other startups (ScanM and 3DHealthScan). I passionately combine research and practice of computer vision technologies.

I am also a postdoctoral researcher and a Research & Teaching Assisstant at Computer Vision Group Amsterdam, Informatics Institute, University of Amsterdam.

My research interests are Artificial Intelligence and 3D Computer Vision. Currently, I am working on several research topics such that SLAM, re-localization, 3D reconstruction, 3D object detection\segmentation, 3D facial analysis, deep fake creation\detection and VR/AR..

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  • july'21| National TV item, NPO2 "De Kennis van Nu", contribution to the dcomentary "The Truth of Deepfake". Video
  • feb'21| National TV item, VPRO "Zondag met Lubach", deepfake of Gerri Baudet. Video
  • dec'20| National TV item, VPRO "Zondag met Lubach", deepfake of Mark Rutte. Video
  • nov'20| BBC News, Interview on detection of deepfake profile pictures of bot army for social media influencing campaign. DeepFact
  • nov'20| National TV item, Nieuwsuur, detection of deepfake profile pictures of bot army for social media influencing campaign. DeepFact From time stamp: 22:00
  • oct'20| Artificial human creation software of 3DUniversum is used for grief therapy. We collaborated with Netherlands Film Academy and therapists to see the implications of bringing deceased loved ones back. The documentary "Deepfake Theraphy" is broadcast on national TV: NPO3 KRO-NCRV
  • sep'19| National TV item, RTL Editie, deepfake of Dionne Stax in external videos. DeepFact
  • sep'19| National TV item, NOS Journal, worries about deepfakes on risk of scams and extortion. DeepFact
  • july'19| Trump supports Dutch National Team by Greg Shapiro using our deepfake technology. Video
  • jun'19| National TV item, RTL News, on deep fake video detecton. DeepFact From time stamp: 17:21-19:40
  • may'19| Item for "Kelder & Klopping", on real-time face re-enactment. Video From time stamp: 29:16
  • apr'19| Fake news is the new reality, we want to raise awareness to easy spread of fake news! Watch this video in which Putin speaks Dutch Video, made for art and education purposes by 3DUniversum: Theatre Play "De (orde) chaos van 2018" on fake news.
  • apr'19 | We will demonstrate our deepfake generation and detection technology at Cross Media Cafe event on 7th May. Join us if you want to know more about our technology. Details
  • apr'19 | Interview on "How to stop the spread of deepfakes" (Les Echos).
  • apr'19 | Interview on "Fighting Against Deepfakes" (Kijk Magazine). (Deepfake Video).
  • mar'19 | Today a new issue from Firestarters, a magazine from PropertyEU, is released. 3DUniversum appeared in this version (page 42)
  • mar'19 | In order to fight against deepfakes, it is essential to understand the underlying technologies and create the best one:) Here is a sneak peek of our Deepfake Technology .(Video)
  • mar'19 | 3DUniversum is one of the winners of PROVADA Future Startup Batlle with our RealEstate industry solution, powered by ComputerVision & AI.
  • dec'18 | 3DUniversum is selected as the best Dutch AI startup by Valuer (Article)
  • oct'18 | In 3DUniversum, we live up to our mission to develop solutions that positively serve humanity. Our artificial intelligence solutions make impact to daily life of consumers as well as overal society (healthcare monitoring, fake news detection, etc). We find it a privilege to have this opportunity thus it is also our responsibility to give back to community knowledge and experience where we can. As a small contribution to this, last week we participated in #hackathonforgood (Hackathon for Peace, Justice and Security) as mentors to technically support groups developing innovative open-source solutions to challenging problems of humanitarian disasters (Red Cross), fake news (NCIA), evidence (ICC), emergency funds (World Vision) and land grabbing (Asser Institute). We witnessed loads of great ideas, creativity and hard work! Congratulations to the organizers, mentors and all the participants for their hard work! See you next time! Hackathon
  • oct'18 | TV Interview. Our technology is featured on Dutch national TV (DWDD) about Deep Fake News. The technology is based on deep learning (GAN) and demonstrates live and in real-time, facial performance capture and manipulation for creating and detecting deep fake videos. (Video)
  • sep'16 | 3DUniversum at TEDxAmsterdam. We are selected as one of the TEDxAmsterdam Award Finalists (Pitch Talk)
  • oct'13 | I received ICT.OPEN Poster Award (3rd Position)
  • sep'12 | We won Pascal VOC’12 Classification challenge, 2nd Position
  • sep'12 | We won Pascal VOC’12 Detection challenge, 3rd Position
  • jun'11 | My master thesis "Head Pose Estimation by Kinect" was chosen as best project among thousands of project by Kinect Community.

Invited Talks and Interviews

  • Deloitte AICE Build, Synthetic media aka Deepfakes and their implications, Online, 2021
  • Keynote: Tweakers Meetup AI, Synthetic Media Generation, Online, 2021
  • Holland's Finest, Synthetic Media Generation, Hilversum, 2020
  • Dutch Media Week, AI and Future of Media - Recent Developments in Synthetic Media Generation, Hilversum, 2020
  • Huawei Device Automatic AI Deployment/Vision Technology Workshop- Recent Developments in Synthetic Image\Video Generation, Online, 2020
  • Tweakers Developer Summit, Truth in times of Fakeness - Are we ready to accept the full potential of deepfakes?, Utrecht, 2020
  • ABN Amro , GreenLight: The Power of Imagination, Amsterdam, 2019
  • Nvidia|AWS , Meetup, "Best in Class", Are we ready to accept the full potential of deepfakes, Amsterdam, 2019
  • Epam Tech Talk, Looking inside DeepFakes, Amsterdam, 2019
  • Nederlands Film Festival, Truth in the time of Fakeness, Utrecht, 2019
  • FishEye Magazine, French Magazine, "Deepfakes, peur sur l'AI", 2019
  • DutchGuild, How to create and detect DeepFakes, Hilversum, 2019
  • Khemische Kring, How Artificial Intelligence is changing the way we live, Rotterdam, 2019
  • AI for Leaders @Yes!Delft, How Artificial Intelligence is changing the way we live, Delft, 2019
  • AI Lab Week @NOS, The Big Reality DeepFakes, Hilversum, 2019
  • AI kennismiddag @NPO National TV, The Big Reality DeepFakes, Hilversum, 2019
  • Emerce Next, How Artificial Intelligence is changing the way we live, Amsterdam, 2019
  • Delft Deep Learning Colloquium, Delft University of Technology, 2019
  • Kijk Magazine, Dutch Leading Technology Magazine, “Fighting Against Deepfakes”, 2019
  • Keynote: Object Reading: Seeing Beyond Visual Features, Perth, Australia, ACCV-W 2018
  • Huawei AI Meetup, Beijing, China 2018
  • Les Echos, Leading Business Magazine in France, “Deep Fake Detection”, 2018
  • Computer Vision meets Industry, MeetUp, Hague Tech – AI LAB, 2018
  • Advanced Computer Vision, University of Amsterdam, 2017, 2018, 2019
  • Entrepreneurship @ Amsterdam Data Science, Amsterdam Center of Entrepreneurs, 2017
  • Applied Machine Learning, University of Amsterdam, 2017, 2018
  • VIA career event, Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship, 2017
  • NEXT16, Real-Time Mobile 3D Scanning, Hamburg, 2016
  • Dutch Digital Impact, Mobile 3D Scanning and Applications, Hamburg, 2016
  • Emerce Eday, 3(r)D Revolution: Advances in Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence, Amsterdam, 2016
  • TEDxAmsterdam & Spaces, Rapidly Evolving Field of 3D Computer Vision, Amsterdam, 2016
  • Invited Demonstration, Mobile 3D Scanning, ACM Multimedia Tech Expo, Amsterdam, 2016
  • Pitch Talk, Opening QualComm-UvA Deep Learning and Vision Lab, 2015

Academic News

  • May'21| I am considered as an outstanding reviewer at CVPR'21 (one of the best CV conference).
  • May'21| PhD Committee. Jury member in the committee of Dr. Le, Hoang An.
  • May'20| Technical Program Committee at CADL'20.
  • May'19| PhD committee. Jury member in the committee of Dr. Quintana, Marcos.